Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are printed on the inside of plastic or polyester film materials, then placed over your container. Heat is applied, shrinking the label to the shape of your container. This creates a 360-degree design space that is also much more durable than conventional labels.

shrink sleeve labels on beverage cans

Shrink sleeve labels for beverages and more

Scratch, fade, and moisture resistance make shrink sleeves ideal for refrigerated or high moisture environments — especially beverages like craft beer, hard cider, soda, tea, coffee, wine, spirits, and energy drinks.

Many other items — ranging from nutraceuticals to health and beauty products, liquid food products to cannabis, CBD, cleaning products, and candles — can be effectively packaged using shrink sleeve labels.

Tamper-evident seals

A shrink sleeve can serve a second purpose as a tamper-evident seal. The sleeve can be extended over the container’s closure with an added, tearable perforation to provide built-in security.

assorted types of shrink sleeve labels

Types of shrink sleeve labels

InTu Mobility offers PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA shrink materials with the ability to add cold foil and spot or floodcoat varnishes, metallic inks, and a variety of foils. Cold foil use can enhance designs and we offer an opaque barrier for cover up applications.

We supply full-body shrink sleeves, combo packs, and tamper-evident perforated sleeves — either in rolls for automatic application, or individually sheeted for hand application.

Printing details

  • Printing: Both digital and flexographic digital — HP Mosaic SmartStream, Collage, security print microtext, 7-color process flexographic – 20-inch, 10-color, UV inks, metallics, fluorescents, texture.
  • Low minimums: 500 per print sku.
  • Short lead time: 2-3 weeks for sleeves produced digitally.
  • Run: We offer OPS, PETG, PVC, and PLA shrink materials.
  • Inside options: Fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, blacklight ink, metallics, cold foils, spot colors on the inside of the sleeve for our digital, spot heat-activated adhesives.
  • Outside options: Matte flood, spot matte, spot texture, soft touch matte spot or flood.
  • Finished rolls: 5, 6, or 10-inch cores, or sheeted in stacks.
  • Perforations: Vertical, horizontal, or T-perforations
  • Proofs: We can provide printed and applied proofs for approval.
  • We produce cover-up sleeves
custom printed heat shrink sleeves

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