Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is packaging made of flexible materials that can be folded, bent, and easily stored. It comes is a variety of forms — including stand-up and flat-bottom pouches, cartons, pillow pouches, bags, bar wraps, sachets, and stick packs.

Advantages of flexible packaging

  • Flexible packaging is very convenient for the consumer — lightweight, reclosable, easy to carry and easy to store.
  • It can be colorful and shiny, enhancing shelf appeal — and also transparent, increasing consumer confidence.
  • It extends the shelf life of many products, especially food.
  • Flexible packaging is more sustainable. Less water and energy go into its manufacturing and transportation, and it generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases and consumer waste.
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Made and printed in the USA

All labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging are manufactured and printed in the USA, resulting in much faster turnaround times from order to delivery.

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